View from a Scorekeeper

Dublin… Well, sports fans another school year of sports have come and gone. I first need to thank some people for their help for the past sports year. I will say Thank You to Fort Chiswell Pioneer athletic director Jeff Molinary and principal Dyer Jackson. I truly appreciate all your help and info. Thank you to Fort Chiswell coach Josh Wingate and his football staff. You all were put in a difficult position last August. Proud of how you all handled it and the work that was put in. I also thank Fort Chiswell head basketball and baseball coach Derrick Jackson and his two staffs. I appreciate the time and friendship. Fort Chiswell will have a new football head coach and it will be their third football coach in three years. In fact, their fourth in six years. That kind of turnover is very hard. Continuity is important and the kids have to learn different techniques and styles.  Here’s hoping new coach Chris Akers the very best on the upcoming football season.  Chris Hanks Thank You for your help. One last thing about Fort Chiswell, Tina Quesenberry I appreciate your friendship and all that you do.

I want to say Thank You to Radford Bobcat athletic director Greg Wade. Jeff Smith, Darden Freeman, and Ken Keister your alls friendship is appreciated.  Mike Roop, Shane Roop, Doug Kanipe, and Wayne Pridgen Thank you all. The Bobcat football team this past year won 12 games and played in the state championship game. They had 10 game improvement from their previous season. Head  Coach Matthew Sauders and his entire staff, Thank you for putting up with me during practice and games. Rick Cormany and his entire Radford basketball staff congrats on winning another state championship. Undefeated seasons very difficult to have. Betty the scorekeeper very nice to work with you. Radford baseball coach Drew Cox, it will get better. Hang in and keep working.

This brings me to Pulaski Co. Cougars. Cougar boys basketball Coach Andrew Hart and your staff you will be missed. Five years went by fast. Sorry to see you leave and here’s hoping you much success at Lord Botetourt , Andrew. It was a difficult and long basketball season. Lost two starters due to transferring. The team played hard, it just wasn’t the most talented squad. New head coach Tyler Cannoy wishing you the best of luck and your new staff. Got lots of work to do. Hope lots of players come out this winter. JV squad had a winning season, hopefully, they will improve as they are to step up to varsity. Athletic director Scott Vest I appreciate all the information and your help. Good luck to football coach Stephen James and his staff. Keep up the great work. Harriet Farris, Gunther Schlottman its a pleasure working with both of you. Best scorers table around.

Pulaski Co. baseball head coach Greg Allen and his staff also had a very roller coaster, difficult season. It was a young team. Only six seniors, of which only a couple of them having game experience. The team had something like 90 errors in 19 games. You couple that with all the walks, and it made for a long season. The junior varsity hopefully will help on the varsity next season. Lot of work to be done in baseball, too.

Congrats to the Auburn Eagles baseball team winning the state championship and all of their teams for state titles, that was won by the Eagles.  Doug Reed, you hang in there and you also Scott Grantham, my friends. Danny Shouse, Greg Ridpath you are missed.

I also want to say, Thank you to all my referee and officials that I work with. You get more right, by far. Don’t always agree but that’s human nature, lol. I truly enjoyed doing the state semifinal baseball games that were played at Calfee Park and couple playoff basketball games that were played at Pulaski Co. High School.

One final thing to say is his; I have this website and do this for fun cause I enjoy sports. I don’t charge a penny for any of the content on it. It is becoming expensive to maintain, though. I will do so as long as I can. I truly hope you enjoy reading the posts and info that I try to supply. Tell your friends and neighbors to check out the website. Nothing better than word of mouth, when it comes to advertising.